Monday, December 15, 2014

Remote Exercise Partners

The most recent article that I found in the Wall Street Journal focusing on exericse talks about two individuals in Tennessee and New York City who take a spin class together.  Why do I find this interesting?

First, it is another example of the value of having someone with whom to undertake an activity.   The old expression is "two heads are better than one."  This is not so much a matter of two heads in the classic sense in which the expression was originally used.  This has nothing to do with getting ideas from two people.  This is almost "two hearts are better than one".  Not in the sense of love as we would use for Valentine's Day.  But rather love of something.  Almost anything.  Having two people together who love to do something can make it much easier to do.  Each can hold the other accountable.  Each can help to encourage the other.  The process of checking on each other can be one of peer mentoring.  Or it could simple be peer pressure.  But the key is that to have someone to engage in an activity and to engage in checking up on progress with the other person can be very helpful to sticking to an activity and working to continue to improve performing an activity.

Second, it is a great way to re-imagine a use of a technology.  Live streaming can be used for so many things.  So, why not use it for doing workouts together.  So far, it seems like it would work best for activities that don't require a person to get up and move around very much.  But it would be very interesting to imagine some type of "visor-cam" that could help individuals to run together whether they are in the same place or not.

So, in exercise, it is wonderful to re-imagine a use of technology to increase interpersonal accountability.  There are many other parts of life in which re-imaginging technologies to help individuals to connect and to grow better in their performance of activities could also arise.  Leadership skills.  Really any skill at work.  Parenting.  Musical instruments.  And any type of concentrated effort will support concentration in general and have spillover into other parts of life as a person chooses to direct efforts that start in one area of life to other areas that need improvement.  People are likely to find useful the opportunity to connect.  Those can find ways to help individuals connect are likely to be the economic and thought leaders of the future.  

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